Current Needs

As you may have heard, we are moving about 6 hours away to another part of Guatemala and building a ministry center. Making this move, we not only gained additional expenses, but we also lost our biggest monthly supporter.

Therefore, our main goal this year was to obtain additional sponsors to meet our monthly budget and to obtain donations for the construction of the center. Although we were blessed with many one-time donations, we did not reach the monthly support to sustain us long term.

For this reason we are looking for partners who have a passion for helping others and who will commit to help support our monthly budget.

Current Projects

We have recently become distributors for "La Biblia En Acción". This is a country-wide project to share the gospel with every child throughout Guatemala. We are responsible for the department of Chiquimula which is about 144 sq mi and contains over 1700 schools. It also has numerous mountain villages with a very large amount of children as well.

We are continuously working on lessons / workshops that we use in the remote villages of eastern Guatemala.

We are currently working on plans to begin construction of our ministry center in San Andrés Itzapa. We are introducing the "Buy A Block" fundraiser to allow people to contribute to the effort.

How Can You Support

Nothing is possible without God and we acknowledge him in everything we do. We firmly believe in the power of prayer, so please pray for our continued success.

Visit our Contact Page and sign up for our newsletter. Write us regularly with ideas or questions.

Follow us and keep in touch with social media using the icons below.

Volunteer on a short-term mission. We can host or put you in contact with another ministry.

Introduce our ministry to as many people as you can. Perhaps we can speak at your church when we are in the States.